Welcome to Kista Tower

We hope you will feel comfortable and feel at home here in Kista and in Stockholm's highest residential building. Here on the association's website (most part in Swedish - try with Google translate) you will find more and detailed information - here you can find quick information about what Kista Torn offers and some important rules for well-being and safety.

Roof terrace on floor 36

Open for all members in Kista Torn. For safety rules search for Takterassen on the website.

Meeting room on floor 36

Booking is made on the digital board at the elevators on level 0.

Terrace lobby on floor 36

Can be used for smaller meetings and need not be booked. Note that other neighbors are entitled to stay there at the same time.

Sauna on floor 36

Booking is made on the digital board at the elevators on level 0
Guest apartments on floor 1

Brf Kista Torn and Brf K2 Kista Torn has two fully equipped guest apartments. Booking is made on the digital board at the elevators on level 0.


On floors 0 to -3 there are 229 garage spaces and some MC sites. Here are usually some vacancies - contact Aimo park, tel.

Phonnumber: 0771-96 90 06


Some important rules for well-being and safety

Fire protection - it is not allowed to store loose objects outside your door

Kista Torn is equipped with a well-established fire protection, but if the accident is present and the sight darkened by black smoke, it will be very dangerous to trip over bikes, strollers, garbage bags, door mats, shoes and other loose objects on the floor and in the staircase.

Park the stroller in the stroller store on level 0 and your bike in the bike area on the level -2.

Barbecue - grilling

You can grill in the designated place on the roof terrace floor 36 during the summer period. You are responsible for charcoal / briquettes. The use of lighter fluid is not permitted.

Dogs - pets

Pets may stay on the roof terrace but must be kept on a short leash. Pets are not allowed in the lobby to the roof terrace but only pass to the terrace.

Dogs may not be staying in the guest apartments and should be connected within common areas: lifts, lobby and garage. Your dog must not be rested in the courtyard, in the garage or in the square outside the main entrance on Borgarfjordsgatan. Immediately pick up an accident!


Smoking is not permitted in public areas: lobby, stairwell, garage or lifts. On the terrace there are three smoke zones with deployed ashtrays - put your cigarette butt there! Keep in mind your neighbors and fire safety: forbidden to throw cigarette butts or ash from the loggia or from the roof terrace. Smoking in the courtyard is forbidden!

Garbage Disposal

Household waste is placed in the waste bin on plan 0. In the environmental placement on plan -2, newspapers, glasses, paper packages, metal packaging, plastic packaging, batteries and electronics are sorted out - it is absolutely forbidden to throw household waste here! Information about where you can leave bulky waste can be found on the website (www.brfkistatorn.se): search for Sophantering och källsortering.

Contact details




The Board of Brf Kista Tower

Booking of a party room, guest apartment and sauna is made on the digital board at the elevators on level 0 - if problems are encountered:

Keys, mailbox, intercom

Website: Search for Nycklar, lås, access

Problems in your own apartment

Problems outside your apartment


Acute errors, both in your apartment and the rest of the building, only after office time


Member questions


FAQ - frequent asked questions

Do you want to book a assembly room, sauna or overnight apartment?
This is done on the digital board at the elevators on level 0. 
If you have a problem with the booking, please email 

Do you want to rename the mailbox or magazine holder outside the apartment?
Contact the boards: .


Do you want to join the port phone (or change the information)?
Then mail the following information to :

  • Apartment number
  • Name a phone number for those who want to be registered in the port phone.

Do you want a parking space in our garage (car or mc)?
Contact Q-Park at 0771-969000 who administer our parking lots  

Do you need a garage remote control / extra tray / extra key?
For this you need approval from the board, send mail to  for approval. Link to more information about keys, locks, access, etc. (in Swedish)
(If you have lost a tray / key it is advisable to immediately consult the board about it)

About Internet & Electricity
The internet is included in the fee. You have to contact Bahnhof so that a new subscription is signed with you and on the apartment number. However, the payment is included in the monthly fee. This will be specified in each quarterly invoice you receive. 

You pay separately for electricity. You have to call Ellevio and decide which day you will move in and when the electricity will go on.

Other questions
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